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Dr. Rumer Leads New Transgender Fellowship Training Program at Hahnemann University Hospital

Hahnemann University Hospital has launched a Transgender Fellowship Training Program focused on the medical and surgical management of transgender patients, one of only two year-long programs in the United States.

Dr. Kathy L. Rumer, Director of Hahnemann University Hospital’s Transgender Surgery Program, leads the fellowship training program which provides qualified candidates with extensive education and training to become highly skilled transgender surgeons.

“Since beginning at Hahnemann last year, our goal has been to develop a world-class, comprehensive training program focused on training surgeons to become experts in the field of transgender surgery. These are complex procedures, so we want to ensure patients have access to compassionate, capable surgeons who can help make their transitions successful.” — Dr. Rumer

Hahnemann University Hospital

Since the launch of Hahnemann’s Transgender Surgery Program in November 2016, Dr. Rumer has completed more than 600 transgender surgeries at Hahnemann, including male-to-female Vaginoplasty, FTM Top Surgery, and Facial Feminization Surgery.

To enroll in the fellowship, qualified candidates are required to complete an ACGME-approved urological surgery or plastic surgery residency.

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