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FTM Top Surgery

What Is FTM Top Surgery?

FTM Top Surgery is a female to male gender reassignment procedure designed to provide patients with an expertly flattened and contoured masculine chest—the chest you were always meant to have.

What Should I Know About FTM Top Surgery?

Dr. Rumer has a strong background in engineering and fine arts prior to becoming a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. As a result, she offers a variety of customized techniques which she will utilize based on your current anatomy to create the chest you have dreamed of. If you currently have a very small chest, liposuction with a small crescent incision will most likely be the procedure to give you the result you are looking for. If you are larger, then a periareolar or keyhole procedure may be perfect for you. If you are still larger you will be a candidate for double incision Top Surgery. Dr. Rumer will perform a full evaluation of you and discuss your goals and together you will agree on a plan to meet your goals and maximize your outcome. Remember, you will always get your best result if you are close to your ideal weight before FTM Top Surgery.

I felt confident that I was going to be in experienced hands (Dr. Rumer performs over 150 top surgeries per year!) It was a huge bonus that she took my insurance. This made the surgery more affordable for me.
Top Surgery Patient

What Does the Procedure Involve?

All Top Surgery procedures are done at the surgicenter or hospital under general anesthesia and you go home the same day. All patients are marked before surgery and verify they are happy with the markings.

Liposuction (with or without small incision):

Your chest will be liposuctioned with our state of the art power assisted system and a small incision made need to be made after to reduce nipple or areolar size. You will have a compression garment.

Periareolar or Keyhole Top Surgery:

An incision will be made around your nipple areolar complex and all of the tissue will be removed underneath. There will be sutures around the nipple areolar complex that will dissolve on their own. You will go home with a compression garment.

Double Incision Top Surgery (with free nipple grafts):

An incision is made under the large mound of tissue and all excess tissue is removed. An incision is made on top and then the incision is sewn together. The nipple areolar complex is then grafted onto the chest wall. Patients will go home with drains and compression garments.

How Long Is Recovery and When Can I Resume My Normal Activities?

You will experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising after your surgery. This can be minimized with pain medication and rest. You will be seen back in the office a week post-op and sutures and drains will be removed if necessary. You will continue to wear your compression garment except when showering for three more weeks. Most people are ready to return to all activities after four weeks. A return to work can be as early as a week after FTM Top Surgery, depending on the responsibilities of your profession.

Dr. Rumer truly is an artist and a compassionate individual. The surgery went without any complications, and my results look flawless! I cried tears of joy when I first saw how wonderful my new chest looks.
Top Surgery Patient

FTM Top Surgery Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions about FTM Top Surgery? Find answers to commonly asked questions in this FAQ.

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