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Top Surgery FAQ

How much experience does Dr. Rumer have with FTM Top Surgery?
Dr. Rumer is very experienced with Top Surgery. She performs approximately 150 Top Surgeries per year.

How much does FTM Top Surgery cost?
The cost of Top Surgery varies somewhat depending on your needs but, without insurance, you can expect it to cost in the area of $7000. Your insurance plan may have co-pays and deductibles which you must pay no later than 3 weeks prior to your surgery date. Credit cards, checks and cash are accepted. Dr. Rumer accepts most insurance plans and medical financing.

I’m not sure which Top Surgery procedure is right for me. How do I choose?
When you have your consultation with Dr. Rumer, she will listen to your needs and give you her professional opinion about the best approach.

Do I need to be on testosterone to get Top Surgery?
No, Dr. Rumer does not require hormone therapy to be eligible for Top Surgery. However, if you are paying via insurance, your insurance company may require a minimum period of HRT to qualify.

Will I need to see a therapist to be eligible for Top Surgery?
Yes, Dr. Rumer is a member of WPATH and follows WPATH criteria, as well as the mammography protocols of the American Cancer Society. You will require:

  • Medical evaluation by primary MD or MD providing hormones
  • Letter of recommendation from a qualified mental health professional
  • Mammograms prior to Top Surgery are required (a normal baseline mammogram) for patients 40 years old or older who DO NOT have a family history of breast cancer, and for patients 35 years of age or older who DO a family history of breast cancer.

Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital for Top Surgery?
No, FTM Top Surgery is day surgery and you will be able to leave the surgery facility, accompanied by your travel companion, within a few hours of your surgery.

Will I need to wear a compression vest after my Top Surgery?
Yes, Dr. Rumer’s patients typically wear a compression vest for 3-4 week after surgery. Post-operative compression minimizes bruising and swelling.

Will I have drains after my Top Surgery?
Possibly, it depends on the procedure you have. Dr. Rumer uses drains for Double Incision Top Surgery but not for the Peri-areolar or Keyhole procedures.

Will I need to have any stitches taken out after my Top Surgery?
Yes, you will see Dr. Rumer one week after your surgery to have sutures and drains removed, if necessary.

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