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MTF Surgery

Male to Female Surgery Overview

MTF surgery includes a spectrum of surgical procedures that transform male anatomy into anatomy that is more appropriately feminine.

Gender Reassignment Surgery – Vaginoplasty

Commonly referred to more generally as Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), Vaginoplasty is the surgical procedure for transgender women who wish to have the vagina they should have been born with.

Dr. Rumer performs 200-250 One-Stage Modified Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty surgeries every year. Yes, that’s right, 18-20 per month! Most surgeons don’t perform 20 GRSs in a year or even in their entire career. And with this highly-specialized procedure, experience is everything! In her skilled hands, the result has an authentic appearance with excellent depth, function and sensation. Plus, Dr. Rumer’s technique does not require electrolysis or laser hair removal of the genital area before surgery. Learn more »

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a collection of male to female surgery procedures designed to feminize a patient’s facial appearance. FFS can involve any combination of the following facial feminizing surgeries depending on each individuals needs: hairline advancement; browlift; forehead contouring; orbital rim contouring; eyelid surgery; cheek augmentation; rhinoplasty; upper lip lift; chin augmentation; neck lift; face lift; or tracheal shave. Learn more  »

Breast Augmentation

MTF Breast Augmentation provides trans women with expertly augmented and contoured feminine breasts. The breasts are enlarged by inserting breast implants behind breast tissue or under the chest muscles. Silicone polymer is used for outer shell of all implants, but there are various fillers, including saline and silicone. Silicone gel is used predominantly these days to create the most natural feel. Surgical technique and implant type and size selection will depend on your preferences and anatomy, and Dr. Rumer’s recommendation. Learn more »

Body Feminization

Body Feminization uses liposuction and fat grafting to enlarge the hips and buttocks. Fatty tissue can be removed from any part of the body to slim down or sculpt those areas and placed in your buttocks and hips to give you more feminine curves. Learn more »

If you have any questions about MTF Surgery, or would like to arrange a time to speak with Dr. Rumer, please contact us.

Dr. Rumer and her staff are so compassionate when it comes to trans people like myself. For anyone else seeking this kind of surgery, I cannot recommend Dr. Rumer enough! She and her staff are all amazing people.